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Credit Card Reconciliations

Credit Card Reconciliations
Credit Card Reconciliations
Fraud is the biggest reason for regular reconciliation. Even though banks and credit card companies are increasingly utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect fraud, the system isn’t perfect yet. A human eye and inquiry is still the best detection method out there. GGC undertakes reconciling both your expenses made from Credit Card by the company (employees, executives, etc) and the incomes received from the customers. Your auditors will definitely want to see your reconciliation reports.
GGC offers an outsourcing service for credit card reconciliations. GGC`s expert staff will reconcile your bank statements, track down discrepancies and make sure that all of your transactions are accounted for. You don`t have to spend time on something that doesn`t core to your business. Contact us today!

Ideal for entrepreneurs across the globe to reconcile their credit card statement to book their relevant business expenses incurred through credit card.


Professional Fees

Hourly rate of $10 with minimum retainer fees of  $50 per month.