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Cloud Based accounting and compliance
Cloud Based accounting and compliance


One of the most important aspects in running a successful business is ensuring that every staff member complies with both internal and external laws. Without compliance, there can be discrepancy between what employees do at work versus how they’re supposed to act according their employers’ policies or other regulations set by law. As an organization grows, its need for legal regulation also increases exponentially—and this becomes increasingly pressing as businesses continue expanding over time without taking proper precautions against potential risks associated with growing numbers (of people).
GGC offers in-depth compliance services wherein you can peacefully focus on your functional responsibilities without constantly being worried about possible fines and litigation caused due to negligence in compliance.


Have you been struggling to manage your business finances? Bookkeeping and accounting services online in India provide a great way for small businesses. With the help of our experts, we can make sure that all transactions are recorded properly so there’s no chance they get lost or forgotten about!
The best part is GGC assessing these tasks means less time spent juggling responsibilities with other jobs on top-of -your normal workload; it also frees up some space for better functional and organisational improvement.


Payroll is the total amount that employer pays to their employees, which includes flexible benefits and encashment policy. Payroll processing can be a highly complex task for various small businesses in India; however by outsourcing this job with help from GGC, you will enjoy stress-free payroll as well as errors free HR management process.
Ideal for any business entrepreneur having Business setup anywhere across the globe.


Professional Fees
Hourly rate of ₹750 and Return Filing: ₹1100