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The world is growing faster than you can imagine and if you’re still one of those old school people relying on your CA to give you a finance strategy, you have been left out long ago! Thankfully, you still haven’t missed the ship and can hop onboard with our strategic virtual finance management services. GGC is a powerhouse of financial expertise that invests itself in the growth and financial benefit of our clients. We’re a team of sharp CAs, account executives and ace money managers and we’re on a mission to make financial services easy, accessible and hassle-free!

In-house finance departments are obsolete.
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Move over traditional finance departments that hog your office space and payroll budgets. Get a reliable, efficient and hands on finance team on the go!

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Why lug along an expensive CFO when you can hire a VFO!

You WILL need a strategic financial brain on your A1 team and that spot is no place for an outdated, traditional CA. Hit the sweet spot between skill and affordability with a VFO!

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Because going the extra mile is a default for us. Forget about servicing, we’re a bunch of strategic and intuitive brains and we do all that’s possible to ensure our clients get fast, efficient and completely secure financial advice as they make key business decisions. We’re committed and we leave absolutely no stone unturned to give you nothing but the very best advice available in the market.
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